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The race to find the missing leprosy cases lost during lockdown

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As India prepares for a third wave of the coronavirus, there is an urgent need to find the missing leprosy cases lost during the country’s lockdowns. New statistics published by the World Health Organisation reveal the number of people treated for leprosy in India fell by 43 per cent in 2020. This is from 114,451 new cases in 2019 to 65,147 in 2020.

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As we build back after Covid, no-one like Maya should be left behind

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"I used to think my fingers would always be like this. All my previous doctors told me that there wouldn't be any improvement." When 16-year-old Maya came to a Leprosy Mission hospital, the effects of the disease on her body were plain to see.

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The 'race against time' in India

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The Covid crisis in India has fast become the biggest challenge in The Leprosy Mission's 147-year history and a 'race against time'.

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